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 Tangible benefits
Improved Service
Better customer and supplier relations
Genisys offers a fast, simple process for electronically recording, filing and storing critical documents it integrates seamlessly with CRM, accounting and other business systems. Once in electronic format, document searches such as confirmation of customer details take seconds without needing to load additional software or look through physical filing cabinets. Documents can also be ‘electronically stapled’ together or annotated to ensure approvers have all the necessary information in one place to progress work onto the next stage. This speeds up decision making considerably and improves service quality to customers and suppliers.
Cost Saving
Reduced space, audit and administration costs
Electronically storing paper documentation reduces the need for physical filing systems cutting down on expensive office storage space. Genisys can also provide an excellent facility to aid disaster recovery as documents are backed up and can be safely stored off-site. Costs can be saved by automating manual search and filing systems and allowing administration staff to be deployed in more value-creating activities.
Guaranteed Regulatory Compliance
Choosing a more efficient archiving system means that organisations can meet legal regulations regarding document retention periods or freedom of information with ease. HM Customs and Excise requires VAT invoices to be kept for six years which can mean huge volumes of paper storage for many organisations. Genisys acts as a storage facility for both electronic and paper documents. It incorporates an intuitive indexing system that retrieves documents simply and quickly for audits or queries regardless of file date or format. The increasing availability of datawarehousing solutions coupled with the decreasing costs of server memory means larger volumes of information can now be stored for longer periods of time cost effectively.

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