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Workflow software makes businesses operate more efficiently by facilitating the movement of documents, information, resources and responsibilities across a given process.

It encompasses details such as how tasks are structured, who takes responsibility for them, how they are prioritised and what information needs to flow along the process along with a tracking mechanism to report on progress at each stage.

Workflow software, used in conjunction with document management applications, enables organisations to effectively manage, and extract, maximum benefit from captured information. For example: once scanned, documents such as paper invoices must follow a process to be approved or queried before they can be entered into a double-entry book keeping system and payments made to suppliers. The path that an invoice takes through each of the data capture, approval, payment and filing processes can involve many stages and intermediaries. Being able to automate this using Workflow software can substantially increase organisation effectiveness and save money.

Genisys Technology has built up significant expertise in Workflow systems as part of its Total Document Management portfolio. Genisys document management has optional workflow functionality that enables business rules to be set up to manage document processes. For organisations requiring a more complex workflow system, the Document Management team can also provide guidance and support regarding the cost-effective integration with other software products including BPM software.

BPM software enables business users to easily design, deploy and manage automated business processes on networked PCs and across the Internet.
Key Benefits
  • Information is delivered to the right people at the right time
  • Improve response times to customer requests
  • Reallocate resources from manual, inefficient tasks
  • Reduce cycle times and accelerate exception resolution
  • Support increased regulatory compliance
Main uses
  • Workflow software organises, streamlines and automates people and processes to increase output and manage resources. It can be used for a variety of activities including: product support, account management, sales reporting, budgetary control, travel management, contract management, capital expenditure control, application form processing or timesheet automation.

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