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Genisys Technology's Vision on Document Management
Despite the plethora of electronic media available today, paper is the number one preferred method in many organisations to capture and record business data. Even in the most technologically advanced industries, the information flowing in and out of organisations is likely to be a mixture of both electronic and paper formats. Users and IT teams often perceive managing these documents together in one simple and economic system as a complicated process.

Genisys Technology offers a comprehensive Total Document Management approach to capture, store, manage, query and process different types of information cost effectively across the organisation. There are multiple data capture choices and the Genisys Document Management team can help you find the most appropriate for your workflow size and budget. We provide a selection of hardware, software and services that cater for all sizes of company.

Our priority is to ensure our customers get the right solution to match their business objectives at a price they can afford. Document management does not have to be complicated. The Genisys Document Management team can help with either off-the-shelf or bespoke systems that deliver maximum benefit to your organisation.
Genisys Technology offer a Total Document Management Approach
Genisys is a software application developed and marketed by Genisys Technology and is a key industry player for enhanced document management. Genisys Technology also distributes third party products to complement Genisys including workflow and Optical Character recognition software as well as scanners.

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